We will cheer for the orange and white!

Anche dopo un palio da dimenticare, resta sempre qualcosa a testimoniare ciò che di buono una contrada fa: ne è esempio la testimonianza di Eric e Penny, una coppia canadese in visita a Siena.


My wife and I were lucky enough to attend the Cena last night. We feel privileged to have been allowed to witness and partake in this great tradition. Thank you for sharing your culture and the values of your Contrada. The pride and the energy of the people was contagious and we wish we could have joined you in song.


We also wish to commend the work of the young ladies that were serving dinner in our section (H). They worked so hard and with such professionalism. I was disappointed I did not get the chance to thank them after the dinner…Thank you,  we will cheer for the orange and white!

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